Staging a Wedding is Like Staging a Home…Really?!?

I’ve been looking for an excuse to let you know that my daughter, Chelsey, is engaged and planning an August wedding!!! And this is the perfect excuse…Let’s talk about staging.

I can stage a home practically blindfolded…it’s all about making the most of space, color, and light! I can walk clients through the process of buying or selling the home of their dreams with ease, but planning a wedding is something entirely new to me! The last wedding I planned was my own…26 years ago, and quite honestly, my mother did most of the planning. So, I enlisted help…actually, my sister, enlisted some help for us.

Ann Farrow is best known to me as the incredibly talented woman who has decorated/designed much of my sister’s home in the bay area. It’s one of the most well decorated homes I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen A LOT of houses! Ann is the owner of HomeStyle/EventStyle…”the bay area’s only full-service staging firm,” and she was kind enough to meet with us and talk us through some of the details involved in planning a wedding that is “special and unique.” She had so many great ideas…many of which we hope to implement. I began to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all UNTIL Ann said, “Have you heard of the concept of ’staging?’ It’s generally referred to in reference to staging a home, but you also want to ’stage’ a wedding. It’s all about the wow factor, and first impressions.”

“YES, I have heard of staging and I’m actually quite good at it…YES, I can plan a wedding and it’s going to be amazing…And, Ann, you’ll still help out a bit won’t you?” I’m going to rely on some of Ann’s expertise in planning a wedding, but rest assured that you can depend upon mine when buying or selling your home…I’m really good at that!

Oh, and one more thing…my sister’s exquisite home is the site of the wedding reception. It’s going to be magical…and perfectly staged!