Folsom Lake Crossing is Open for Business

Saturday evening, my husband and I were privileged to be guests at Oak Hills Church’s 25th anniversary celebration. We were seated with several leaders in the Folsom community, including Mayor Jeff Starsky. It was encouraging to hear about all of the exciting things happening in this incredible place we call home…from Thursday Night Market, Folsom Live, the opening of the new library, the opening day of little league, to the lighting of the Christmas tree, this town has it going on! One of the less than positive things that Jeff shared with us was that although the Folsom Lake Crossing (Folsom’s newest bridge connecting E. Natoma Street to Folsom-Auburn Blvd.) is now open, there is still tremendous traffic through Folsom’s historic district. It seems that we are indeed creatures of habit!

Unfortunately, the historic district was not designed for so much traffic and the roads are beginning to show the effects…as are the residents who have a constant stream of traffic outside their doors. I’ve sold many homes in Old Town Folsom and have numerous “happy clients,” who wish that we’d spend less time driving past their fabulous homes! Spread the word, the new bridge is not only beautiful, but super efficient…it takes far less time to get from Folsom to Granite Bay and/or El Dorado Hills to Granite Bay if you take the Folsom Lake Crossing rather than the Rainbow Bridge. WARNING: The City is considering timing the lights in the historic district in such a way that it will take even longer, and back traffic even further up Riley Street…to help us break the habit!

Spread the word…Folsom Lake Crossing is open for business!