I received a fun call from a client in response to my most recent blog post. She was calling to let me know that while I may be a “genie,” she believed I was also a “mind reader.” She reminded me of the home she purchased that was nothing like what she “thought” she was looking for, but was “perfect” for her family. She was calling to thank me for being their Realtor…so sweet! Her story is certainly not unique! Many of my clients come in with a list of “must haves.” They must have a kitchen w/a center island in Folsom, or they must have a home on a cul-de-sac in El Dorado Hills, or they must have an open floor plan in Granite Bay…you get the idea. It’s uncanny how many people fall in love with a home that is not what they thought they were looking for.

Take for example the family who was looking for an open floor plan with all of the bedrooms on one level…they ended up purchasing a Victorian style home w/cozy rooms and bedrooms scattered throughout the house. They declared upon seeing the home that it was “perfect” for them! “How did I know?”  they asked.

Or the young man who was looking for a home within walking distance of his office…he ended up purchasing a home on the other side of town that was close to the river and the bike trails. He declared upon seeing the home that it was “perfect” for him! “How did I know?” he asked.

Or the family who was downsizing…they ended up buying a home with the separate 5-car garage. Declaring upon seeing the home that it was “perfect” for them and all of their toys! “How did I know?” they asked.

One of my favorites was the family who was relocating here from Canada. They explained to me what they were looking for in a home, and I put together a handful of properties to show them while they were in town. I found the perfect home for them…at least I thought it was “perfect.” I showed it to them first because I was so excited for them to see it! To my absolute surprise, they didn’t LOVE it…in fact, they told me that it wasn’t at all what they were looking for. They wanted hardwood floors throughout the house and white cabinetry in the kitchen…those were their “must haves.” They were so focused on those two things, that they were unable to really see the rest of the house.  And in their defense, they were not familiar with the homes in the area…they needed to see what else was available. Long story short, two months and 40 showings later, they realized that the first home that I had shown them was truly “perfect” for their family. Hallelujah, I really did know what they wanted after all! Thankfully, the home was still available and within the month they were moving into their new home…not before having hardwood floors installed throughout the house and white cabinetry installed in the kitchen, however!

I really do appreciate your comments and feedback to my blog posts. It’s good to know that someone is actually reading them! The response to my last post was overwhelming; I received so many phone calls, texts and emails, but not one comment on the blog itself. Hmm?!? Wonder why? Seriously, I do wonder why people are so hesitant to click on the link and “please leave a comment.” I guess if I truly were a mind reader, I’d know the answer to that question…more proof that I’m “just a Realtor!” Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like me to be your Realtor …and if you think you know the answer to the question, please let me know…please leave a comment 🙂