Palladio Stadium 16 Cinema is Coming to Folsom

Folsom’s going high tech…and they’re looking for help from real estate professionals to foot the bill!!!

I received an email this morning encouraging me to participate in the pre show advertising. While I am not planning on appearing on the big screen anytime soon, there was some information regarding the movie theater itself and general movie-goer trivia that I thought you’d find interesting.

The Palladio Stadium 16 Cinema

  • The largest solar powered movie theatre in the world!
  • The Sacramento region’s only all-digital projection theatre.
  • 16 Wall-to Wall screens and All-Stadium luxury seating…my husband’s back will appreciate this one!
  • 6 Digital 3D screens – the most under one roof in the U.S
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in auditoriums at all times…again, something my husband will really appreciate!
  • Scheduled to open December 11th, and will be serving my favorite food…POPCORN!

Moviegoer Trivia

  • 56% of cinema audiences are over the age of 23…and nearly 50% are over the age of 35…it must say something about my choice of movies, but every time I go to the theater, it’s filled with giggling teenagers!
  • 71% of teenagers and 61% of adults report going to the movie last month.
  • Teenagers and young adults (ages 18-24) see an average of 2.2 movies a month.
  • Adults (ages 25-54) see an average of 1.7 movies per month.
  • Moviegoers arrive at the theater an average of 19 minutes before the movie begins, and are more upscale, more technically savvy and better educated than the general population…which is supposed to lure me into participating in the pre show advertising.

Fortunately my business has thrived by word of mouth advertising from clients who have had first-hand experiences with me, and have been delighted to refer me to their family, friends, coworkers, even “strangers” they meet along the way. Thank you! I hope to run into some of you at Palladio Stadium 16 Cinema from time to time, but I won’t be participating in pre show advertising!

Enjoy the show…and keep the referrals coming, or you just may see my face on the big screen begging for your business!